Four Seasons Food September Round Up – Sliding Into Autumn

Four Seasons Food Autumn BadgeWhat a cracking month September has been! Clearly the theme of ‘Sliding Into Autumn’ really struck a chord for many of you, clinging onto the dregs of Summer whilst enjoying all that fledgling Autumn has to offer. So many fabulous entries, I have been overwhelmed.

For myself, the end of a hugely busy Summer has meant that I have had a little breathing space to get my cooking mojo back. I have been feeling inspired and fired up to start creating dishes more frequently. I think that despite missing the Summer, the cooler weather is more conducive to hovering around hot ovens and bubbling pots, spending time stirring, chopping and creating more comforting style dishes. It feels good. So I am embracing all things Autumn fully now. And your bumper selection of delicious FSF entries has eased me into the season nicely, so I thank you all!

I suggest you all make yourself a cuppa and get comfortable…you’ll need to devote some time to all these brilliant recipes.

(Sorry for the delayed posting of this round up – my laptop has died and i am in mourning).

Oven Roasted Tomatoes for Fresh Pasta Sauce By Al from A Reluctant Foodie

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Beautiful home grown tomatoes simmered & prepared with love to create the most amazing pasta sauce, perfect for preserving to see you through the Winter.

Celeriac Salad with Panch Phoran by Chip Butties and Noodle Soup

Celeriac Salad

A French classic, the lesser known & underrated sister of coleslaw, crunchy grated celeriac, lovely nutty flavour with creamy dressing jazzed up here with intriguing Indian 5 Spice. Fantastic.

Courgette Cardamon & Rosehip Cake with Mascarpone Icing by Chip Butties and Noodle Soup

Courgette & Cardamon Cake

A seriously fragrant, moist and delicious cake. A great way to use up your courgettes, this cake introduces some unusual but inspired flavour combinations. I would love a slice!

Blackberry, Orange and Orange Blossom Jam by Chip Butties and Noodle Soup

Blackberry Jam

Just look at that perfectly gooey, deep purple, fruity spread! Getting jam right is not always easy but this one is perfect and the zing of lavender & orange sounds fantastic. Foraged fabulousness.

Damson Jam by Camilla from Fab Food 4 All

Damson Jam

Jam on crumpet – my kinnda heaven! Damsons foraged from a somewhat forgotten tree, at last found a good use in this lovely rich plum jam. And Camilla offers some great stoning tips too.

Warm Dressed Noodle Salad by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes

Noodle Salad

Lovely healthy and fresh – noodles salads can be wonderful with the right dressing & this one is! Peanut Butter, honey, ginger & soy; sweet and tangy and yummy indeed.

Crab & Fennel Pasta with Chilli, Anchovy & Lemon Pangrattato by Chip Butties and Noodle Soup

Crab & Fennel Pasta

What a fabulous bunch of ingredients! Lovely soft pasta smothered with crab and fennel & topped with punchy crunchy lemon and anchovy crumbs. My mouth is literally watering…

Vegan Red Kidney Bean Curry by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen

Red Kidney Bean Curry

Reds, yellows and oranges: all in one soft spicy Autumnal dish! This is so healthy and filling, full of beans, potatoes, peppers & tomatoes, all wonderfully spiced and comforting.

Strawberries & Blackberries on Raw Cinnamon Almond Crust by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen

A beautiful sea of purple blackberries dotted with strawberries on an amazing sounding raw crust; chewy and rich with dried fruit, almonds & cinnamon, it sounds so intriguing!

Greens & Grains Salad with Sorrel & Sunflower Seed Pesto by Kellie from Food To Glow

Greens & Grains Salad

Gloriously green and good for you, this salad just screams ‘eat me’! The home made sorrel & sunflower seed pesto sounds heavenly and Kellie offers up lots of great suggestions for using up the leftovers!

Moroccan Style Spiced Chickpea & Tomato Soup by Laura from How to Cook Good Food

Moroccan Style Chickpea & Tomato Soup

Chunky, spicy, economical and most certainly Autumnal. This clever soup will fill you up and warm you up, just what you need as the evenings get cooler & we start to crave extra warmth and comfort.

Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Herbs by Bintu from Recipes From A Pantry

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Bintu releases the full power of the tomato by slow roasting them with some fresh herbs. Amazingly, juicy tomatoes get more juicy this way and intensify beautifully. Prepare to be addicted.

5:2 Diet Autumn Roast Vegetable & Cheese Salad by Karen from Lavender & Lovage

Autumn Vegetable Salad

At only 112 calories per serving, this is a fantastic low fat dish, packed full of delicious veggies and spices and herbs. Wonderful layers of flavour topped with a little decadent creamy goats cheese. My kind of salad!

Blackberry & Apple Cupcakes by Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog

Blackberry & Apple Cupcakes

Foraged apples & blackberries brought together with blackberry & ginger chocolate and creatively turned into these stunning cupcakes! With vivid pink icing and bags of flavour, these are an Autumn treat indeed.

Apple Cardamon Cake with Quince Frosting by Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Apple Cardamon Cake with Quince Frosting

Just look at those nuggets of apple and almond dotted throughout the rich spicy cake! So appetising! Not to mention the thick unctuous frosting flavourd with quince syrup. How very clever!

Federweisser & Zweibelkuchen by Christian from Cooking Around the World

Onion & Bacon Cake

Always good to learn something new and this interesting pairing of Beer and Onion Cake sounds Sehr Gut! The Onion Cake is like a kind of bread literally smothered in onions and bacon. YUM.

Courgette Noodle Carbonara by Me from Delicieux

Courgette Noodle Carbonara

If you are still drowning under a mountain of courgettes, get creative and try making them into noodles! This no carb twist on a classic is unusual & delicious with a bite that pasta just doesn’t give.

Hot Pizza Dip by Rachel from The Crispy Cook

Hot Pizza Dip

Sit back, snuggle up, get your slippers on and devour this decadent, delicious, hot dip. Glorious dunky treat for movie night. This kind of indulgent dippiness is so perfect for those cold, cosy, snuggly tv nights. Bring it on I say!

Courgette, Thyme & Lemon Drizzle Cake by Katie from Feeding Boys and a Fire Fighter

Courgette, Thyme & Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lovely moist courgette cake with such an interesting addition of thyme and finished off with a lemon punch. Katie washed hers down with Prosecco which sounds like a rather super idea to me!

Late Summer Ice Cream by Sarah from The Garden Deli

Late Summer Ice Cream

This is a super simple ice cream recipe (no laborious custard required) flavoured with wonderful Autumn fruits. Ice cream is a year round treat – just ask my kids – and this seasonally flavoured one looks delicious.

Spiced Plum Cobbler by A Pug In The Kitchen

Spiced Plum Cobbler

Just look at that biscuity cobbler topping with all those soft spiced fruits, gloriously unctuous underneath! I just love breaking through a topping like that which perfectly compliments the sweet fruit. Simply fantastic.

Autumn Cake by Janine  from Cake Of The Week

Autumn Cake

Wow – now thats what I call a cake! So tall and proud and generous in every way. It’s an apple, parsnip & cider cake (YUM) smothered in cream cheese frosting. Good God Yes…

Baked Olive & Herb Stuffed Aubergines by Anne from Anne’s Kitchen

Baked Stuffed Aubergines

Autumnal aubergines beautifully stuffed full of olives and herbs, this would make a filling, interesting and delicious veggie meal. A lovely dish where you won’t miss the meat at all.

Onion, Tomato, Rosehip & Aniseed Soup by Chip Butties and Noodle Soup

Onion Soup

Such an interesting soup, brimming with unusual and powerful flavours, all topped off with a good kick of chilli. Chunky and comforting, this soup is a perfect pick me up for cosy cool Autumn time.

Homemade Strawberry Sauce by Mark from Javelin Warrior’s Cookin w/Luv

Strawberry Sauce

I am renaming this thing of beauty ‘Marks Super Sexy Strawberry Sauce’! I mean honestly – that vivid red, draped over the cold ice cream…I am swooning! As always, fabulous step by step instructions. Great stuff.

Apple & Blackberry Traybake Cake by Louisa from Eat Your Veg

Blackberry Apple Cake

What a brilliant way to welcome in an oven…this fuss free all in one cake uses a whopping amount of Autumnal fruit! Moistened with yoghurt, as cakes go, it’s not even that naughty! Nice one Louisa!

Carrot Meringue Pie with Carrot Pastry by Kate from Veggie Desserts

Carrot Meringue Cake

Here’s another amazingly creative and unusual entry from Kate into FSF! Carrot meringue – I mean, who’d have thought?! With a no waste use of carrot pulp in the pastry, this just sounds totally brilliant and inspiring as usual! Clever Kate!

Beetroot Brazil Nut Roast by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen

Beetroot Nut Roast

Beautiful beetroot red swirling through this fantastic classic veggie nut roast. The natural beetroot sweetness balancing perfectly with the earthy nuttiness of the brazil nuts. Veggie heaven.

Quick grapes Focaccia by My Little Italian Kitchen

Grape Focaccia

Gorgeous looking sweet bready, cakey, yum-ness! Those purple grapes dotted throughout look like perfect purple jewels of juicyness. I love the idea of this and I would love to try it!

Spiced Blackberry & Onion Marmalade by Chip Butties and Noodle Soup

Blackberry onion marmalade

Stunning photo and wonderful use of spices in this lovely marmalade. With a gentle zing of chilli, this would work so well with so many meats and cheeses. Versatile deliciousness.

Pierogi Ruskie by How to Eat Properly


Lovely little dumplings filled with mashed potato, cheese and onion. Who could resist a big bowl of food this comforting? I might not be able to pronounce them, but I would love to eat them!

Roast Tomato, Feta, Mozzarella, Spinach & Basil Tart by Kate from The Gluten Free Alchemist

Feta Tart

Welcome to Kate’s very first entry to FSF! This tart cleverly uses up a combination of ingredients she had here and there and is bursting with colour, tomatoes and cheese. Sounds like a brilliant result to me!

Salmon & Courgette Lasagne by Me from Delicieux

This lasagne is another great way to use up lots of lovely courgettes with a nice little twist of throwing in some salmon. Creamy, cheesy, soft and silky, this one ticks all the family supper boxes.

Easy Baled Mushrooms by Vohn from Vohn’s Vittles

Baked Mushrooms

Doesn’t everyone love a stuffed mushroom? And these are just wonderful, baked with goats cheese and pancetta. A perfect combination of flavours and textures. My mouth is watering…

Baked Plums with Ginger & Almond Topping by Laura from How to Cook Good Food

Baked Plums

Oh so clever Laura has baked each plum individually with topping in a muffin tray. Like a little personal crumble portion, these are fuss free and delicious puds.

Stir-Fried Turkey with Chard & White Summer Squash by Katie from Thyme For Cooking

Stir Fried Turkey & Chard

Full of veggies straight from the garden, this stir fry is as seasonal and as fresh as it can be. Brought together with a dash of soy, some sherry and some stock, it makes for a very clever supper indeed.

Apple Cake by Kat from The Baking Explorer

Apple Cake

Just look at this cool cake! Packed full of apples, I bet it tastes exactly as it looks – delicious! A clever idea, very well executed. I really love it!

Pork, Apple & Sage Traybake by Louisa from Eat Your Veg


Another super seasonal family dinner…Louisa is fast becoming the Queen of the Traybake. A brilliant marriage of flavours and textures, I love the simplicity and colours.

Greengage Oatie Slices by Andrea from Shabby Chick

Greenguage slice

Sweet, fruity, squidgy oatie slices, these quick and easy little treats just look and sound so moreish. A great one for hungry kids (and hungry adults too!)

Cardamom Spiced Fig & Plum Galette by Kellie from Food to Glow

Fig & Plum Galette

Absolutely stunning looking pudding bursting with Autumnal fruits and warming spices. That gorgeous looking pastry just looks so crumbly and crisp, perfect with the soft fruits.

Roast Carrot, Tomato & Coriander Soup by Annie from A Working Mum’s Cookbook

Carrot Soup

Autumn is the season to start blitzing up your veggies to make soothing, silky soft and healthy bowls of soup. Only made with ‘the good stuff’ this is good for you and low fat too.

Jackfruit & Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu by Janet from The Taste Space

Jackfruit & Kimchi Poutine

Wow – this just sounds sooo utterly delicious and interesting. You had me at ‘beer soaked sweet potato fries’! Beautiful Autumnal colours and ingenious ingredients. Fascinating.

Almond Tart with Grapes by Alida from My Little Italian Kitchen

Grape Tart

I had not thought of pairing grapes with almonds before but it looks and sounds quite delicious indeed! Sweet juicy grapes that burst in your mouth, nestled in creamy custard. Sounds good to me.

Sausage & Apple Toad in the Hole by Katie from Feeding Boys and a Firefighter

Sausage & Apple Toad in the Hole

What a cracking photo! It just makes you want to dive right in….it’s a British classic that demands to be scoffed! The addition of apples sounds so good….like integrated apple sauce. Fabulous!

A Healthier Vegetable Gratin by Kellie at Food to Glow

Vegetable Gratin

Such appetising vibrant colours, packed to bursting with beautiful Autumnal veggies and layered with just a little cheese and breadcrumbs – this gratin is good for you and kind to your hips. I approve greatly!

Chocolate Mousse Brownies by Laura from I’d Much Rather Bake Than…

Chocolate Mousse BrowniesSuper squidgy, gooey, chocolatey brownies? OMG YES! Impossible to resist no doubt, these little beauties are made with a little apple sauce in the mix – sounds like a great idea to me!

Estivale Apple & Blackberry Steamed Pudding by Helen from Fuss Free Flavours

Apple & Blackberry Steamed Pud

Is there any dessert more comforting than a steamed pudding I wonder? It takes me right back to childhood. This one is made in the microwave and is truly ‘Fuss Free’! Nice one Helen!

Apple Cider Crumble Traybake by Caroline from Caroline Makes…

Apple Cider Crumble Traybake

Sticky apples, raisins and cider, these little chewy squares sound so tasty and seasonal. Great directions and photos to help make these treats, perfect for elevenses.

Lemon & Blackberry Cake by Lottie from Lottie’s World of Cakes & Bakes

Lemon & Blackberry Cake

This cake is a serious cake, a thing of beauty with lots of lovely layers, tonnes of fruit and lashings of fondant icing. I love the combo of lemon and blackberries. It’s a stunner.

Plum & Almond Cake from Louisa from Eat Your Veg

Plum & Almond Cake

Lou has managed to create another fabulous family friendly bake and it sounds such fun with all the kids getting involved! A delicious cake bursting with juicy Autumn plums.

Bavarian Plum Cake by Emma from A Bavarian Sojourn

Plum Cake

Otherwise known as Zwetschgendatschi (blimey – thats a mouthful!) this gorgeous looking plum traybake with crumble topping looks super tempting indeed.

Sheep Milk Cheese with Grapes & Almonds by Marije from Palachinka Food & Travel

Sheelp Milk Cheese & Grapes

How interesting and original does this sound! I am a sucker for the combo of salty and sweet so this salad just sounds fantastic to me…not to mention beautiful looking.

Roast Harlequin Squash, Cauliflower & Mature Cheddar Soup by Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Pumpkin soup

I want to dive in!! Served in the pumpkin itself, this soup looks super thick, rich and unctuous. Completely irresistible combination of ingredients and stunning photos. Great job!

Pistou Soup by Lucy from Supergolden Bakes

Pistou Soup

Solving the argument that soup is in fact real food, this chunky, healthy, filling and delicious bowl of tummy comfort would make a top notch meal in my book!

Quicke’s Cheddar Cheese & Beer Soup by Fromage Homage

Cheese & Beer Soup

Love cheese, love beer – it’s win win with this recipe! What a lovely and original idea for a big bold warming bowl of soup. So be creative and get some beer in your soup!

Dirty Chai Latte No-Bake Cheesecake by Tina from The Worktop

Chai Latte No Bake Cheesecake

I can literally think of no better way to welcome in Autumn than one of these little beauties! I am a massive fan of chai latte’s & of the no bake variety of cheesecake…these tick every single yummy box!

Summer Falls into Autumn Pudding by Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen

Summer to Autumn Pudding

Such a brilliant idea to turn a classic Summer Pudding into a seasonal Autumn Pudding instead! And why on earth not! I particularly love the splash of Framboise in there.

Gache Melee with Butterscotch Sauce by Sarah from Sarah James Online

Gache Melee

Sticky and gooey and smothered in rich butterscotch sauce, this sounds decadent and divine. I would definitely go for the 4 generous tbsp of calvados….Mmmmmm!

Plum Crumble Tart by Nazima from Franglais Kitchen

Plum Crumble Tart

A really lovely tart, all the better for the appreciation of how much effort it took to make the time to cook something so special. Life is indeed busy but there should always be time for tarts like this one!

What an epic round up that was! Once again, sorry it’s so late, i have been suffering lots of technical difficulties. Also, my guest judge has not yet given me her winner so it will have to wait until my next post. With so many entries this month, I think it has been a tough call sifting through them all and deciding!

Louisa from the newly launched Eat Your Veg has already opened Four Seasons Food for October so hop over to check it out. The theme is ‘roasting’.

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