Four Seasons Food August Round Up – Summer Puds

Four Seasons FoodAs the Summer season draws to a close and the evenings are getting darker, I can’t quite believe that the first quarter of Four Seasons Food is over. It’s been a fantastic three months with simply loads of brilliant entries. Louisa and I have been so impressed and delighted that so many of you have taken part.

And so we are ready to wind up the Summer and move into the Autumn Four Seasons Food chapter. But first I have the happy task of producing the round up of ‘Summer Puds’ – literally bursting with mouth watering entries.

I am also delighted to say that our guest judge for this month is food writer Sarah Beattie (@sarahbeattiegra). She is the author of six fabulous vegetarian cookbooks and a regular feature writer for Vegetarian Living Magazine (@VLMagazine) not to mention being shortlisted for The Guild of Food Writers Journalist of the Year Award earlier this year. And she also just happens to live not too far away from me here in Gascony and we have become good friends over the years. I shall reveal her winner at the end of this round up.

Let’s get this show on the road!

Semia Payasam (Vermicelli Pudding) by Kavitha from Techie…Cookie…Freaky

Vermicelli Pudding

Sweet, creamy, spiced dessert using vermicelli noodles. Comforting and unusual – like a much more exciting rice pudding!

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream by Eat Cook Explore

Strawberry Ice Cream

Easy peasy velvety low fat ice cream using fat free yoghurt. No need for a laborious custard. Who could resist? Not me!

Melon Sorbet by Phil from As Strong As Soup

Fuss free refreshing, seasonal sorbet. With a wonderful kick of Malibu too! Making you feel like you are on holiday everyday.

Rhubarb & Elderflower Fool by Vanesther from Bangers & Mash

Rhubarb & Elderflower Fool

Seriously stunning dessert. Beautiful layers and marriage of flavours. Fabulous taste & fragrance of British Summer.

Plum & Nectarine Frangipane Tart by Jan from Blue Kitchen Bakes

Plum & Nectarine Frangipane Tart

Wonderful seasonal fruit put to fantastic use. Oozy plum compote combining beautifully with sweet soft frangipane. Yum.

No Bake Summer Fruits Cheesecake by Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Summer Fruits Cheesecake

Just look at that unctuous, rich, creamy cake adorned with fresh berries. I just want to bury my face in it and eat the whole lot!

Yogurt, Fruit & Honey Ice Lollies by Alida from My Little Italian Kitchen

Yogurt Fruit & Honey Ice Lollies

Lollies full of  good stuff! No need for lots of sugar or rubbish in these. Beautifully simple, Summer treats you can give your kids everyday.

Tarte Au Melon & BBQ’s Watermelon by me from Delicieux

Melon Tart

Marvellous melons! Baked in a delicious tart, bursting with flavour. Or cooked on the BBQ. Make the most of your melons with these recipes.

Strawberry Sorbet by Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen

Strawberry Sorbet

 Almost too beautiful to eat! Soft, cool and delicious, this sorbet is simply lovely. I could eat a tub!

Blackberry Crumble Cake by Corina from Searching for Spice

Blackberry Crumble Cake

With blackberries straight from the hedgerows, this cake is super seasonal. With a sweet, crumbly topping, it looks utterly moreish!

Strawberry Tiramisu by Mark from Javelin Warrior’s Cookin w/Luv

Strawberry Tiramisu

Step by step directions to make this fantastic dessert. Layer upon layer of luscious berries, homemade sponge fingers & rich cream. Irresistible.

Lavender Infused Apricots & Raspberries by Jacqueline from How to be a Gourmand

Lavender Infused Apricots & Raspberries

Soft sweet fruit, poached with a hint of fragrant lavender. A sophisticated breakfast or scrumptious dessert. Yes please!

Black Forest Pavlova by Emma from A Bavarian Sojourn

Black Forest Pavlova

Chocolate, cherries & cream nestled between gooey sweet chocolate meringue. I literally don’t think it gets much better than that!

Cucumber & lemon Cake with Elderflower Icing by Kate from Veggie Desserts

Cucumber & Lemon Cake

I have never seen or heard of a cake like this before but it’s seriously cool! Moist, light & full of summery flavours. Unusual and awesome.

Fruit Salad by Bintu from Recipes From A Pantry

Fruit Salad

A healthy summer pud, packed full of fresh, vitamin packed fruit. You cannot argue with the brilliance of that!

Peach Melba by Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen

Peach Melba

Stunning retro classic, unbeatable combination of flavours. And a sophisticated presentation to boot!

Blackberry & Pear Traybake by Helen from Fuss Free Flavours

Blackberry & Pear Traybake

Packed full of British Summer foraged fruit this traybake is sweet and soft and scrummy. With a dollop pf cream or a nice hot cuppa you can’t go wrong!

Banana Whipped Cream with Strawberries & Biscuits by Tina from The Worktop

Banana Whipped Cream

A simple dessert presented so beautifully and inspired by a gorilla charity. What a lovely way to use up your ripe bananas!

Berry Galette with Spelt & Cinnamon Pastry by Laura from How to Cook Good Food

Berry Galette

Literally packed to bursting with juicy seasonal berries, this rustic galette is a thing of beauty. Just look at that crumbly pastry! Yummy.

Tarte Tatin by Vanesther from Bangers & Mash

Tarte Tatin

Wonderfully traditional and French, soft sweet apples with caramel and home made pastry. Serious deliciousness.

And so we can announce our winner for August. Sarah Beattie has chosen….drum roll…..Javelin Warrior’s Cookin w/Luv making Junglefrog Cookings’ Strawberry Tiramisu! She said she chose this pudding “for sheer detail, clarity, interest, energy and enthusiasm (I wanted to go and make one right away)”. So congratulations to Mark, a worthy winner indeed.

I shall be posting details of the September Four Seasons Food Challenge later today so watch this space.

14 thoughts on “Four Seasons Food August Round Up – Summer Puds”

  1. The colours i this round-up are just amazing. So bright and enticing ad already making me wish that summer was here for a little longer! I love the Strawberry tiramisu that one, yummy indeed! Hope you enjoyed your trip near Arcachon too x

    1. Thanks Laura…I agree, I wish Summer lasted longer but a little cold weather won’t stop me making some of these puds!
      We didn’t have a good weekend at the coast actually! But not because of where we were which was just lovely. Unfortunately, my whole family got a tummy bug and spent 48 hours being sick in a tent. #worstholidayever !!

  2. Having missed most of August in my blur of moving it’s been fab to catch up on the entries in your round-up. And what a wonderful array of delectable and inspiring puds there are!. Thanks so much to everyone for entering and my apologies for not making it this month, and a huge thank you for your wonderful hosting and round-up Anneli!.

    1. Thanks Kate! Drool away…there’s certainly plenty here that will make you do that! Would love it if you have the time to join in Septmber…theme is ‘Sliding Into Autumn’ so lots of your lovely seasonal dishes should work 🙂 xx

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