Options tailored to you: What to eat and how to serve it

The Délicieux philosophy is to offer you choice and the chance to make your meals fit your vision.

The Formal Wedding Dinner​

Beautifully presented canapés

Colourful and playful

Eye Catching Atelier

entice your guests to graze

Classic seated formal dinner

elegantly presented

The Sharing Style Dinner

Family Style – Seasonal, unusual and generous bowls of food and platters to dig into. The perfect way to enjoy your wedding meal, shared around the table so everyone can enjoy. Colourful salads, sharing tapas, a selection of meats and dips, informal but still very special.

The Freestyle Food Festival

Food Stalls – Guests can discover an array of different delights with exciting and diverse options for the free style event. An oyster stall, a salad buffet, sausages cooked with caramelised onions, Foie Gras fresh off the plancha. Each stand can be paired with a wine. So much fun and keeps everyone moving and socialising!

The Bounteous Buffet

Imaginative Selections – Plentiful platters and delicious dishes. An uncommon feast. Home made tarts, inventive salads, a choice of hot and cold dishes, eye catching anti-pasti, decadent mini desserts and vibrant generous platters of fruit. Not a sausage on a stick to be seen here!

The Food Truck

French Style Fete – A retro, laid back ambience creating a proper party atmosphere. Many options available. Pizza night, burgers, crepes, paella…. enjoy your own street party with our colourful truck.

The Spit Roast

The mobile spit – Open flames for the slow cooked spectacle, a feast for the senses. Whole chickens, whole pigs, whole lambs, beef roasts. Guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

spit roast

The Giant BBQ

Simple but elegant – Creative but casual dining. Mouthwatering ingredients inventively prepared. Everybody loves a BBQ – we offer so many options that everyone will enjoy – meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

The Breakfast Brunch

Bespoke service – Build your own menu to satisfy the morning cravings. The most important meal of the day should be an event in itself. With freshly cooked eggs and bacon on the plancha, smoothies blended on request and something sweet and salty to please every taste imaginable. The perfect start to any important day – or day after !