50 Shades of Chorizo – It’s One Hot Little Sausage!

Yes, I have been reading ‘the book’ – 50 Shades of Grey. Well, I had to know what all the fuss was about didn’t I? It was like there was a big secret that I was missing out on and that just wouldn’t do at all.

But really…I am not too sure what all the drama is about. Although in saying that, I have been mildly fixated by the books and have read them in record time. Normally I obsess about food 24/7 but this week I have also been thinking rather a lot about sex!!!!

Which got me to thinking about sexy food. Food most certainly can be sexy, and I don’t just mean the obvious aphrodisiac foods. (Although who can deny the appeal of a spear of asparagus dipped in warm melted butter….*Mmm*; or a strawberry dipped in melted chocolate…..*Sigh*)

Personally, I think Chorizo is sexy. It ticks all the boxes; it’s spicy, juicy, and red for goodness sake! Having just returned from a holiday in Spain, I found myself inspired and excited by this hot little sausage and so decided to experiment with it in my kitchen.

Spanish Omelette with ChorizoFirst I made an old favourite of mine, Spanish Omelette with Chorizo. I have been making this dish for years and it never fails to please. I love this omelette and I usually find that I have all the ingredients lurking in my cupboard, perfect for days when you need something quick and delicious. I like my omelette chunky and rustic, packed full with higgledy-piggledy sliced potatoes, chunks of sweet, spicy Chorizo and soft roasted red pepper. The combination of flavours is supreme – it gets my taste buds going every time! I generally opt for the spiciest Chorizo I can get for this dish, the cured variety works fine. Give this one a try, you will not be left unsatisfied!

Chorizo with Red Onions & OrangesWhilst on holiday in Spain recently, my sister-in-law made us a dish one night that was completely remarkable and I immediately quizzed her in order to steal all her secrets! Chorizo with Red Onion & Oranges was a revelation. The ingredients were simply layered into a dish and baked until everything melted together, the juices of the spicy sausage seeping into the onions and oranges. Chorizo with Red Onions & OrangesThe oranges worked so well with the Chorizo cutting through the oils and spice resulting in an incredible combination. I set about recreating this dish when I got home but due to my current lodgings being without an oven, I made it in my slow cooker. The results were utterly fantastic and I can see this becoming a firm favourite.

As I mention my lack of oven, I have found myself having a mini love affair with my slow cooker of late. Slow Cooked Chorizo & Spinach PilafI have been experimenting more with it and rediscovering the beauty of just throwing things in and leaving them, only to be rewarded with something mouth wateringly delicious later on. This is how I came up with my Slow Cooked Chorizo & Spinach Pilaf. My theory with a slow cooker is: bung in ingredients that you know work together and you cannot fail….simple. On this occasion, spicy Chorizo, onions, peppers, garlic, chilli, tomatoes, spinach and of course rice. In terms of slow cooking, this is relatively speedy at a mere 3 hours and produces a luscious, soft, oozy rice dish peppered with nuggets of spicy Chorizo. It’s soothing food bursting with flavour, a very sexy dish indeed.

Chorizo, Sweet Poatato & Egg PintxosFinally, I came up with a little Chorizo, Sweet Potato & Egg Pintxos. When I made these, I didn’t think they would make the cut for the blog as they weren’t much to look at. But when I tasted them, I knew I couldn’t leave them out. So scrumptious, the sweet potato working perfectly with the Chorizo and all rounded off with a soft yielding egg on top. These are hot, damn hot. Perhaps they would be better eaten blind fold though!!

So, I hope you have been turned on by Chorizo! It is a wonderful ingredient that certainly gets me going and flicks my inventive switch so to speak! Let me know what foods you find sexy…please tell me I am not alone with my food porn! Happy cooking friends….

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    Ça va?!”Je vais aller à la semaine prochaine au sud! ! J’espère vous voir! Madame!

  2. Heavens above anneli, slow cooking sausage and sex… I shall think about home quite differently from now on…

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