Winter Wonder Food – Chicken Garbure

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Those of you who have read my blog before know that I live in Gascony, SW France. You also know that I am completely mad about the cuisine… Read More »


Incredible Twisted, Meat Free, Leftovers

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Ahhh, Christmas and New Year. I do so love you but I am left feeling utterly decadent and overindulged. Over the last few weeks I have had my… Read More »


Winter Risotto with Wild Mushrooms & Duck Hearts

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Winter is most certainly here. The proof being that I am full of cold, with a spinning head and feeling like I am swimming under water. Last night… Read More »


Respect to the Snails! (with peppers and chorizo!)

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I seem to be obsessed by snails. My last recipe was a snail recipe…. and then 6 months later and yet another snail recipe. Why are snails so… Read More »


Quiche Gascogne

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I love a good quiche. I always think of it as a British thing, you know how it goes: a slice of quiche on a sunny day, perfect… Read More »


Four Seasons Food August Challenge is Open!

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I seem to always be complaining that time is passing too fast but seriously….it’s August already? I have taken a little break from the blog for the last… Read More »


I Am Back – With Snail Socks

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The last recipe I posted was on May 28th so I must apologise for having disappeared off the face of the earth! It was not my intention to… Read More »

chicken, avocado salad with lime & chilli

Layered Chicken & Avocado Salad with Lime & Coriander

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One of the reasons why Louisa and I created the blogging challenge – Four Seasons Food – was because we both enjoy eating seasonally and find the diverse… Read More »


Four Seasons Food April Round Up – Celebrating Vegetables

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April – and the subject at the heart of this months challenge – glorious, fresh, healthy, vibrant vegetables! I feel good just writing that. It’s somewhat cleansing after… Read More »


Grilled Chicken with Vegetable Noodles, Tomatoes, Olives, Basil & Feta

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This is a happy plate of food. There is something about the colours and all the spirally noodles intertwining on the plate, speckled with dots of red, black… Read More »